Seide - Sakyamuni Buddhas Bild - Kimura Busetsu (1816-1865) rar

CHF 7,494.00

Sakyamuni Buddha's picture" - Japan Edo-Zeit sehr selten

Orginale Bildrolle Japan  - Seide - Sakyamuni Buddhas Bild - Kimura Busetsu (1816-1865)-"Sakyamuni Buddha's picture" - Japan - Späte Edo-Zeit
guter Zustand (restauriert), 
- 1×44.2×185 cm
Overall: vertical 185 × width 44.2cm ※ width does not include roller ends.
(the work: vertical 97.7 × width 30.3cm)

・There are spots,burns, dirts on the Japanese paper on the back of the cover.
・There are some stains on the image.
・There are spots and wrinkles and some peeling in the mounting.

Roller ends is lacquered axis.
・There is no signature on the box.
Kimura Busetsu(1816-1865)

1816 (13 Bunka) - 1865 (Keio 1)
Brief history unknown.